Getting Started Living Primitively - [Where to Park?]

 I'm looking at different areas within a 2 1/2 hour drive of Knoxville, Tennessee (namely: Nantahala Nat'l Forest, Great Smokey Mountains, Blue Ridge Mountains). To my understanding, National Forests and BLM land is best for going out to live in the woods with the most liberties.

 I've been wondering, when taking the first step, where does one leave a vehicle behind? Do you just leave it in a common parking area and move it around every couple of weeks, or do you have to try to hide it inside the woods, off of a road?

 I plan to go out and survive as best I can while I put to experience and experiment more of my book learning. A dry goods cache will be available at my vehicle to supplement my diet while I'm experimenting, and I'll need my car to return to Knoxville for rations or in search of quick work for a few weeks to regain some cash. So it is important for me that I can leave my car in a safe place while I'm out in the woods.

 Any suggestions or insight into where one can safely leave a vehicle, or how to otherwise execute my plan, would be golden. Thank you.

It would be great if someone answered what you are asking. Besides the fact that I am not in the area, I do not have the experience for it and with my simplicity in living I do not have or use a vehicle of my own. I may just take needed things with me along on public transportation, and hike the rest of the way from the closest approach of that transportation into the mountains in the area. There I can make my own camping spot. My goal though is to have enough growing there to provide for subsistence, and it will be a commitment. Competing with that is the hope of connecting with others for use of land for all of us together to live independently from civilization, in stable ways, there are also places I might join or hope to join. So it is not all resolved. Maybe communication here will resolve things for both of us.

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I definitely appreciate the idea of utilizing local transportation. An option to consider.

Finding enough to eat is definitely a concern, but that’s where the vehicle cache will come in. Hopefully hunger will be a good motivation to become proficient with my 110 conibear traps, and my bow.

As far as community, it would be awesome to have someone to go into the wild. Although I don’t know how good it would be for two bushcraft novices to undertake a self - taught primal living experience.

I appreciate your thoughts, though. Thanks for the response. :slightly_smiling_face:

Two bushcraft novices with insufficient knowledge or experience does not sound good for that. There should be plans from anything for it that can be learned, and there is power of knowledge with numbers as well, so more than two for a community would be good, though I do not mean the population of a village. I think a small number of dozens of people joined together for such pursuit seems best, though I know hardly any to join with for this, yet. But I am hopeful with knowing there are others looking for something similar. Likewise I am glad for this communication.

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