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Forums are the only social networking that interests me. Things like Facebook and Twitter are too generalized, commercialized, cluttered, and both too personal with all the info they track and too impersonal with the lack of intelligent thought put into such quick responses. That said, I do like daily activity on a forum, which this and all my favorites lack. Why? Well all my favorites focus on rewilding, primitivism, permaculture, wilderness survival, and exclusively herbal medicine, which are small niches both separate and combined, but that isn’t the only reason. Through my forum crawling, I’ve noticed that the most active forums, no matter how specialized, have at least a small general discussion thread. Arts/entertainment (not focused on rewilding) and then just…well general discussion. It allows members to see different sides of each other, become closer, and wanna come back. :stuck_out_tongue:

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New to site but have been doing rewilding for decades. Couple things i recently built is a air powered planting tool .a e/4inch pipe cut on a three inch taper for a hole digger then I tape a clear plastic pipe along its side so I can take a bunch of seeds in my muth and the dig hole and bllw a seed into hole. Enzymes in spit may help germination …i have used tillage radish (basically selected daicon radish) in fall to grow into a deep hole which freezes and rots over winter and gives an excelent planting hole. That is great seed bed. I use this for planting straw berry roots in garden.