Gathering on Orcas Island, WA in September 2015

Hello all… I’m new to these threads, but wanted to put the same call out that I’m writing to folks through email, etc in hopes that we can get something figured out soon for September… Feel free to call or email me back directly through the info at the bottom of the post… Thanks! ~Ben

Hello friends in the NW primitive skills/ancestral arts realms! Hoping you’re well through this beautiful equinox time, and your seeds are healthily germinating across many fields…

I’m writing firstly, because I want to extend a warm invitation to a gathering that & I are co-producing on Orcas Island September 11, 12, 13, 14… … There’ll be a 700 person mix of diverse demographics, and it’s sure to be an awesome time! We’d love to have you and other nature connection friends there with us! (the website was just put up and not at all finished, especially the workshops / alternative offerings etc. ticket prices will be about $130 or so + 25 camping fee).

More specifically though, I’m putting out a call to those more deeply embedded in the NW skills scene, that may want to offer a Skills Area at the gathering! I invited the Buckeye crew out to the NorCal Permaculture Convergence a couple years back and everybody came away really happy with it. I also helped in the Symbiosis Ancestral Arts camp several years back, and felt similar satisfaction from everyone involved. I will personally be heading this September’s offering, and ensuring that everyone comes away stoked… : )

All in all, we’re looking for a small group of friends with access to a large tipi to come and teach adhoc fire making, cordage, small basket weaving, etc, and has good display capacities of other finished and in-process materials, etc etc etc… (Perhaps 4 people? to rotate out through Saturday & Sunday 10-5). You’re welcome to come early on Friday, and stay set up through Monday to enjoy the full magnificence of Orcas Island.

I’m trying to assess what a fair energetic reciprocity is, and we’re open to suggestions. I know that skills folks are often asked to come participate with little to no compensation, and yet offer such tactile abundance to gatherings such as this! To start the financial conversation, I know that we’d be able to comp your tickets & travel costs. Beyond that is up for discussion, but I want to note the non-financial forms of capital present as well, mainly in the form of meeting amazing people, dancing to amazing music, participating in world class workshops, taking rides in our, being in one of the most magical resorts in the San Juans for 4 days, participating in immersive storytelling / council spaces, and helping to co-create the culture that is to become “Imagine” for many years to come… If things go well, we’d love to expand on the offerings next year, and (because this is a pilot year), perhaps we’d be able to offer more financial compensation in years to come…

Your interest may also be peaked by the fact that the Bullock Brothers will likely be there to present (and you can visit/stay at their homestead while on island), a lot of local islanders with amazing farms will be bringing their produce and crafts, kayak tours will be offered by shearwater kayaks (and my kayak will be there for you to use anytime). Also, it being the weekend of the new moon and a partial solar eclipse, there’ll be some other great astrology and natural world offerings (Caroline Casey may even come up!). There’s plenty of space for swimming, tide pooling, hiking, etc in the surrounding acres… I’ll be saving up some crabs and venison for the event, and look forward to sharing a special meal or two with you all!

*****I could keep going, but I’lll stop there for now… Please pass this message / email along to NW friends who may have the capacity to bring a group together for this in September… THANK YOU so much for your time here! and feel free to ask any questions directly to me through FB, email, or phone:

~Ben Browner
(206) 886-5926