Foraging Education Program, The Human Habitat Project 2015

Hi All,

Perhaps some of you are aware of my Human Habitat Project, in Kettle Falls, WA. There are some great ways to be involved this year.

I’m gearing the agenda toward providing a CUTTING EDGE BIOREGIONAL EDUCATION EXPERIENCE, through foraging, ancestral skills immersion, permaculture, food forestry, resource stewardship, travel, exposure to congruent communities, and connecting with intriguing individuals.

After all, my own desire to continually learn and explore was the impetus for the project. A satisfying education involves more than books and tests. The education we all want is an adventurous path to leading a rich life. The Human Habitat Project is about pursuing nature’s ‘good life’. This journey is made of intimate connections with life’s great variety, finding lifelong friends and mentors, exploring the land, learning from the land’s cultures, giving to the greater community, and finding your niche.

The agenda outlines activities planned for the year, at the project site, and across the broader bioregion. If you’d like participate, or have ideas for integrating your own plans, please get in touch (

This forum seems like a good place to reach, not just students, but also those who might like collaborate in community building as an “intern”. I’d like to find someone I could support in their primitive living goals, in exchange for help co-leading the program. We’d be exploring together how to lead the primitive good life, in a financially viable way.

So check it out:

Fuzzy Bunnies,