Foraging :D

Hey fellow Rewilders :smiley:

Here’s an awesome site with huge potential for foraging communities:

From the site:
" is a collaborative map of edible and useful wild plants. Plants added to the map are linked to information about how they can be used, photographs, stories, and recipes added by other users.

This project aims to lower the barrier to going out foraging by encouraging people to share their knowledge of where useful plants can be found, and how they can be used.

We hope that providing a graphical illustration of the abundance of edible and useful wild plants growing around us will encourage more people to learn about the plants that form the basis of our culinary and craft traditions."

I don’t want to try advertise, but I think that this site may be really helpful for all you tech-savvy foragers out there who don’t mind sharing :smiley:

Cheers !


That is awesome. Wish it had photographs of the plants in question, though. I have zero clue what that holly in Texas looks like, which kind of defeats the purpose :\