[Fifth World] Design Diary

I’ve started a Fifth World Design Diary some of you might have an interest in.


:o Awsome! I love it! This is what I’ve been most excited to see for awhile now. I wish there were any way I could help.

Funny you should say that… :slight_smile:

There’s actually a number of ways you can help.

(1) If you’re more interested in the game design, comment on the design diary. I could use some help working out some of these ideas.

(2) If you’re more interested in setting, pick a region of the world you know and start working out the feral culture, and post it to the wiki on http://thefifthworld.com There’s some great stuff on there, with Rory’s contributions to the Kreyo, and Tyler Kimble’s Aleutians. Pick a corner of the world you know, and start filling it in.

I’d actually love to help on this as well, I was thinking about it earlier a bit before this, especially being a game designer and all

Hey i’ve ran across jason’s project here and there on the web. Can anyone tell me how its getting along, both my gamer and primitive buttons get pushed by the fifth world so im really getting curious.