False dichotomy

With hardly there being interest shown in these things I mention where I look and communicate, it appears that there is a perception on all sides that godliness and doing things that are needed in this world turning from the harms to it do not mix. This is unfortunate, it might have those who may be seen as godly not doing those needed things, and have those doing those needed things from seeking to be godly. It shouldn’t be that way. This world being from God belongs to God, we are permitted with the life around to inhabit it, but civilization has taken the approach that it is all to be taken advantage of, and as quickly as that might be done. Believers have gone along with this, listening to leaders, who generally offer no dissent to that. But truth is that doing things that are needed in this world turning from harms to it is in unity with doing godly things and it can be admitted. The best way as I have mentioned is with being united with others in a common pursuit on land pursuing such sustainable living for betterment, may I see more discussion and progression in that for doing this.

I have come to prefer forum activity over trying to communicate for it in a blog.