Evaluation of Endgame from a Christian anarchist perspective


This is cool, way way cool, both in general, and for me personally. This, if anything, is the lynchpin that will get my (intelligent, but deluded) parents out of denial.

yeah I totally dig it, I’ve always seen things in that type of view.

Good to see Ellul being mentioned in there. He is one of the few authors I know of that really has what I would call an accurate grasp on the realities of the modern world and the history behind them.

I don’t know how I feel about Jensen, I started reading one of his books once, but it was far too drawn-out for me to bother reading the whole thing.

It would have been nice if he could have made his points in fewer pages as most of the stuff he writes about I have already read about before but maybe for people starting out he is a good read…

I was interested, from what I see of Jesus Radicals there was presence of discussion within their Christianity of primitivism and rewilding before but a forum they had was closed and after that recently such discussion dwindled and seemingly is gone from any communication among them.

I agree. He’s a brilliant man but I can’t stand his writing style and the fact his books end up hundreds of pages long. We should start a section where folks post “The 5 Page Version of…” for his books. I have the same critique of Charles Eisenstein, another brilliant man whose work is really valuable but the guy can’t discipline himself in his writing at all.

Everything of Jesus Radicals communication involving dialogue is archived. There is a web magazine that those behind it use now. It looked promising that there was involved discussion starting in the communication before concerning primitivism and rewilding, it can be found in the archived site in the alphabetical system left under civilization. But it is a small section with written material which was in active discussion only that many years ago. Perhaps the few speaking for the reasons to give up on civilization really left it. But no communication involving it happened after that. It is too bad, it is almost just as well the site did not continue with activity, the magazine derived from it has far as I saw when looking did not ever address anything going toward that discussion. It is too bad, more communication could have gone on for that, as there was interest expressed for attention to this, because there were clearly points of connection found between Christian texts and the scriptures used and purposes for primitivism and rewilding, being independent of civilization, others should hear about that.