Europe rewilding forum founding

there are some people from europe here. i would like to put a forum or blog when this forum shuts down in april for the europe people.

is somebody intersted to join.

where are the europe people…

Haha cool man I was just going to start a similiar thread! Yeah, a euro forum would be intensely great, I’l be with you from the start on this one if you’d like me to!

Who’s european in here anyways?

I know of me, you, timeLESS and bb.

Me too. I saw a name-brother of mine from norway*, but he seems to have disappeared. I know exm is from denmark*.

I would support a european rewilding board. I could register a nice domain ( e.g. ) and set up a forum like
Or is there anyone who can set up a nice open-source forum without advertisement?

Greetings from Germany,
Boris… Mmm goody^^

hey im around…

I have set up a forum at and will register the domain soon.

I have just created five boards on the forum, yet. My approach would be to create more boards as the forum grows. I would emphasize the “Community building” board and really like to see discussions of how to promote rewilding in europe so that eventually there will be enough people in given places to form intentional communities dedicated to rewilding.

If you have suggestions for additional boards or other ideas regarding the the forum, you can post it here:

I’m registered, RHex as always:)

Fabulous. I’ve registered as ‘‘Ravn’’.


I live on Turtle Island. North East (province of Quebec) to be more precise. There’s no french speaking rewilding forum that is Turtle Island based that I know of so…You’re making me think here…

I’ll visit your forum once in a while.


nice to see. i thinking about how to promote it. and design.

design the rewild design of dot info remembers me of the wall or fence of the castle europe. maybe we can include it in the logo

there the
i cant register there. if you have contact to brum or thomas maybe they can promote it. i try it too.

im register urbanelderberry

I signed up as exm.

great idea to have a european forum!

Now start posting in there to!^^

or should we get also a simple mashine forum. like here. maybe its easiear

Ahh it was cool hanging around in the chat tonight! Join up people and lets do some real time talk!

But now I’m going to sleep:p

is this european forum still working??
i tried to register and it doesnt seem to do anything

No it doesnt seem to work. Its been defunct for quite a while. It used to attract some regulars from europe in the chat room in the evenings. Thats was good. Beyond that it didnt get much traction.

I got a message it was closed down for what ever reason, can’t remember anymore. Pity, I think the crowd was a bit different than in here. But the Vildvaxande mail list is quite busy, so that’s good.

I also search people from EU for a real life project.