Ethnobotany is not dead

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The idea is academically touched on in books like Tending the Wild by M Kat Anderson and Keeping it Living by Nancy J Turner but it should be bigger than Jesus: planting back wild perrenial gardens is the stuff that life is made of.
Why does a guerilla garden have to be on a freeway offramp or along an urban greenbelt? why not make a string of them along a mountain range or around a wetland? Annuals and agricultivars seem to be the habit, why not plant someone you don’t have to water and who already has a niche, a mutually beneficial niche, in the habitat? Could it be that this blight called agriculture has instilled in you and me a selfish imagination?! I believe so.

Welcome to the option of a world where your existence is not a burden on your biome but a gift to the future of all species, even the gift of new species. A migratory walk where planting and partnering with the perrenials who feed you and keep you alive is THE throttle on biodiversity - moving and trading seeds and roots, intelligently pushing the limits of their range, interacting with them with the respect and sensitivity they love and deserve. It was done on every continent for thousands of years interrupted by private property, and we are all the victims and perpetuators of the genocide of generocity…now stripped of excuses.

I’m learning how by my friend Finisia, my tranny granny, who did the walk alone for decades. After several months of exploring Nevada, and now Idaho, I have a basic understanding in how to interact with the closest friends: breadroots/ biscuitroots, bitter root, onions, camas, lillies, yampah, pines, berries n currants, native bunch-grasses, cacti, sage, companions and soil builders and some of the neighbors that eat them. I’ve found it’s helpful to think of these as legos or crayons or a social scene and my innate childish intelligence takes over. Everyday I’m amazed at what I was blind to the day before. All that’s needed is a will and awareness - a dedication to love and truth. a permaculture instructor’s certification couldn’t hurt but hardly applies as much of it I’ve found is taught within the property model and incorporates ideas like waterpumps, solar pannels, domestic livestock, domestic humanity.
I’m very grateful to have met with this idea as it’s evidently near extinction at least in practice. It is the force of life and it’s calling to you in these words.
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Jon & Tranny Granny, I feel so excited to hear your stories. They inspire me to think a little harder about the reality of cutting my city ties and how that could happen.

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