Edible plants north-western europe - book suggestions?

hey all, my friend is looking for a book to buy as a gift. We’re looking for a something that is about edible plants in the north-western europe landbase (the netherlands if being specific). Any good recommendations? Places to search ? thanx !


I had difficulty finding a book focusing on edible plants in my state specifically, but finally I found one printed from the local university. Perhaps your local university might also have something similar? Check it out!

I would suggest a German book called “Enzyklopädie der essbaren Wildpflanzen” by Steffen Guido Fleischhauer ( http://www.amazon.de/Enzyklopädie-essbaren-Wildpflanzen-Pflanzen-Mitteleuropas/dp/3855028893 ). It contains 1500 plants native to central europe with description of their edible uses. But it is not suited for identify plants! It just makes brief descriptions of edible ueses!

So far I know, it’s just available in German.