Ecologically Sound Strategies for Campsite Waste Management?

Would appreciate hearing thoughts about the most ecologically sound methods of managing human and canine waste at a woodland campsite used daily for 3-6 months, by 1-2 humans & 2 dogs. This would be late spring through fall, 900’ elevation in western wa state - rainy shoulder seasons spring & fall, fairly dry summer. Of course keeping waste far away from water sources is a priority, but the site is at the top of a hill in a watershed / valley, so really important to do this in the most thoughtful way possible. high tech / expensive solutions are not possible. any advice to share?? thanks! :grinning:

Like, other than a pit and sawdust? I’d suggest a built up box or bucket with a hole in it for comfort, but then layer sawdust in between each movement, and I think you are set. Big handfuls of sawdust. Check out “The Humanure Handbook” for info and details.

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Thanks for your reply, Rune-mo! There won’t be access to large amounts of sawdust, just what is created from occasional wood cutting… there will be topsoil, leaf-litter, etc. as well as wood -ash from the fire. I was thinking of a trench or several smaller trenches to compost the dog waste - not sure how deep / how many layers before moving on to a new trench… will check out the book, thanks!! :grinning: