East Coast, again, Intro

Names Jeremiah, back in Pennsylvania, been between here and Oregon way too much the last year. Now fully sober, over the party scene and back into my little groove. Putting a halt on country crossing hopefully for a good long time.
Own 1.69 acres and a 12x12 off grid mostly recycled cabin in North central pa, about 30 miles south of NY border. I lived there for two months last summer with my road pup and a pack donkey, I had planned to do north pa to south pa family area nomadic back and forth but got disheartened isolation loneliness due to lack of others interested and outside influences from friends etc. was without a vehicle for over a year, hitching and walking and busing it everywhere.
Really would love to hear of some goat packer semi nomadic homesteaders anywhere on the east coast?I hear of the south, Florida etc as food year round but I really love my seasons and do not love hot weather, so will stay north.
Iā€™m thinking on dairy goats now, for the proteins and caloric intake later on at my land and to use for packing for foraging, hunting and general travel experiences, but as well hope to someday at least have another squatter or two houses on my land- tipi- camper- yurt- shack whatever. Even had ideas in pack critter chicken cage designs haha, I think it is quite feasible. Go back in the mountains a few weeks with two hens and a rooster. P.s. no longer with donkey, he went back to original owner farm and me and pooch hitched home to mommies at the time, the ended up delivering dads work van from pa ton Oregon. Love to all. imageimageimage

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