I love it. What a beautiful dream. Fun to read!

That’s awesome.

…I dreamt I was killing zombies all night long. I found a cool trick; stab them very hard on the back of the neck with a shovel and it will decapitate them. I’m not sure how many zombies I decapitated last night, but I do know the dream ended when I was being chased by a werewolf.

this dream was 2 months ago…
i was riding my skateboard back in my hometown towards my old house. (i was once a total skaterat). i was about 5 blocks from home when this big ass camel step in the way and just stares at me. i’m scared of this thing so i go for a detour. i can hear the camel coming after me, its not gaining but its in pursuit. about 50 meters ahead the road is blocked by what appears to be a string of prayer flags stretching across the road at chest height. at this point i ask myself ‘why am i running frm this camel? it obviously has something to tell me.’ i think this was lucid dreaming on a small scale, something i’ve been working towards for awhile. so i stopped and turned around. the camel was right there with this huge, cheshire grin. odd looking, but totally friendly. i just stared at the camel for a bit then woke up and instantly thought, ’ damn, thats a powerful dream.’ and wrote it down.
the next day i looked up the camel totem. wow.
i brought it up to my therapist (been in therapy for two years since my brother committed suicide)
she pulled out her notes and found that i had told her about a camel in a dream early in our sessions, about a year and a half prior.
i could go on but i should sleep and have some more dreams

[quote=“jhereg, post:19, topic:101”]Ok, last night I had my 3rd dream about kidnapping this week.

All different kids each time (1st & 2nd were boys, 3rd was a boy & a girl). All young (5-9 range). All were victims (or potential victims) of people that they knew at least a little bit.

In the 1st dream, I was able to prevent it; in the 2nd one, it happened long before I arrived “on the scene” and was just trying to help resolve things (unsuccessfully); in the 3rd one, again, it happened before I arrived “on the scene” and managed to find the kids, but when the dream ended I had the sense that it wasn’t really “complete”.

I’m fairly certain literal interpretations are right out, as I don’t know any kids (or parents!) that are even remotely in this kind of situation. And nothing symbolic or metaphorical or whatever jumps out at me either. Any ideas…?[/quote]

jhereg, if it’s not directly about kidnapping, then i would think that maybe it’s about loss. loss of something highly precious. and since the kidnappers weren’t strangers, then maybe whatever you or someone close to you might be losing will be taken by someone in their life.

just my thoughts.

Hmm, that’s worth some thought…

if this was my dream i’d ask myself a few questions after i wrote it down:
what have i lost recently?
more importantly, am i hanging on to something, someone, some behaviour that may be unhealthy for me right now?
where is this urgency coming from?
but its your dream, do with it what you will but i would strongly recommend writing it down and even continuing it or starting it from an earlier point. active imagination, its fun

I dreamed that Urban Scout died! Actually I was at a tracker type school or camp and a bunch of people had died. I don’t know why. I think the deaths were unrelated and just happened to occur within a short time period. I think Scout was hit by a car. I was attending to the burial procedure of two older guys and it was really creeping me out. Then I went down a hill and Scout’s body had been cooked for everyone to eat. My mom was eating him but was not concerned at all. She might as well have been eating a sandwich. I was pretty disgusted and struck by grief at the same time, but i wanted Scout’s wishbone to keep as a momento and for its magical powers, of course. (People don’t have wishbones, but nevermind that). The only way for me to get to the wishbone was to tear apart the meat with my teeth, so I did. It tasted just like chicken. It tasted better than chicken. I hardly even eat meat in real life but this was some good stuff. Still I was too sad to really eat it.

Now, that’s some ironic shit: Urban Scout - Eater of Roadkill - became the roadkill that got eaten.

I’m glad you got to keep the wishbone. I wonder if his carcass would end up in the roadkill graveyard where you could collect his skull later.

Now, that's some ironic shit: Urban Scout - Eater of Roadkill - became the roadkill that got eaten.


I fucking hate cars. I ride my bike everywhere and they are constantly fucking with me. Why do cars hate bike riders so fucking much? Maybe it’s because we sail by them stuck in traffic. Haha. Stupid cars!


Glad I tasted like chicken, better than chicken even, rather than ass. Were you happy when you woke up?

When I woke up I suppose I was happy in that it was an interesting dream and I went over it in my mind right away so I could remember it to tell you guys. Then I fell back asleep.

I think anybody who gets to taste some finger-lickin’ Urban Scout would wake up happy.

I haven’t been on the forum for 5 days but I’m still dreaming about you guys:

I had a dream two nights ago that Rory was in. We were in high school together and everyday before or after lunch we skipped class and held our own recess. Rory was a few grades ahead of me and I was sleeping with one of his friends. That’s why I got to hang out and have fun with the guys. On this particular day we were playing some sort of hula hoop kick ball. It was a hilarious good time.

Last night Willem was in my dream. We lived in Buffalo, NY near the lake and there was a great rope swing we were playing on with two younger boys. There was a river draining into the other side of the lake called the Tioga. Willem asked me if they still dumped chemicals into the “Ti-glow-a” river. I said I didn’t know but I would find out. One of the kids overheard and asked if it was bad to swim in the water. I replied, that I thought if you had fun it was okay because the good chemicals released in your brain by being happy and playing on the rope swing cancelled out the toxins you were exposed to.

I just looked it up and there really is a Tioga River in New York and it really is polluted with acid mine drainage, but it isn’t near Buffalo.

Alright, who is next?

Lol, that is pretty funny Penny. I do have a question though,

Was Unckie Urbs the one you were banging, and did I get my dreamed of 3way with ya’ll? It would be cool, even if it was in someone else’s dreams…


What’s your secret? How the hell do you have these amazing vivid dreams every night??? I’m jelous!

That’s crazy about the Tioga river… what the fuck do you think it means?

What about the Buffalo aspect?

that’s awesome. talk about mind over matter. we wouldn’t need bioremediation if this were true. and urby could eat all the dioxin polluted raccoon fat he wants–as long as he enjoyed it.

Rory- No I wasn’t banging Urban. I would remember that. Besides he dropped out of high school.

Scout-I’ve always had great dreams. But I’ll send you some mugwort. If you put it in your pillow it’s supposed to make you have crazy dreams. Hmm, I don’t know about the Tioga. I thought there was a town named Tioga but I didn’t know there was a river until I had the dream. There are other “T” names like that near Buffalo, like Tonowanda…but then I wouldn’t be able to do a clever world play like Ti-glow-a! Funny how creative the mind is when you are sleeping. A lot of the time I dream I am watching TV shows or movies and they actually look real and make sense and have good plots. I don’t know why we lived in Buffalo, but it is called that for the woodland buffalo that used to live out here on the east coast. Few people even realize they ever existed.

I had a dream last night that I met Rix in person! It was more by accident… we both happened to be visiting the east coast, NYC or DC or something. I walked by him playing with his baby and I thought… That looks like Rix. So I turned around and he looked at me and was like… “Scout?” Haha. We had a good laugh at the syncronicity.

Send me the mugwort. I want your power!

When I eat alot of wild foods and even dumster dive, when my food source is more precarious and related to going out and foraging for it everyday, i get what i’ve started calling ‘forager dreams’.
An example would be two winters ago i was living with no money in Vanouver, it was december, and I had a dream one night where a very handsome man was showing me around the city. He brought be to a huge old apple tree covered in red fruit. ‘I can’t believe there are still apples here in the middle of december!!’ i told him, he sais he only picks his apples this time of year. The next day I found a tree covered in glowing red apples.
Another was this fall after the chum salmon had run up the rivers. I had been down there netting and eating some during the run. Two months after that big run i kept on having dreams where i was swimming with the salmon and hugging them in the river - a week after these dreams i went back to the river and saw a bunch of fresh salmon rotting on the banks - they had been running again, my dreams were telling me to go back.
I’ve had lots of these dreams, and have started to think of them as a very natural thing for the forager to recieve - visions from the plants and animals they consume.
Does anyone else have these?

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[quote=“Urban Scout, post:37, topic:101”]I had a dream last night that I met Rix in person! It was more by accident… we both happened to be visiting the east coast, NYC or DC or something. I walked by him playing with his baby and I thought… That looks like Rix. So I turned around and he looked at me and was like… “Scout?” Haha. We had a good laugh at the syncronicity.

Send me the mugwort. I want your power![/quote]

Awesome! I hope that one comes true. I was thinking about you a lot last night as I worked on the wiki. Stuff like: “Sweet, Scout figured out how to make a {{subst:}} template for shelters.” Maybe my thoughts travelled across the continent and filtered into your tipi.

I actually had a dream that Penny and Jenny Scouts were on a trek across the US to go visit Urban Scout. It was after the apocalypse, and I was just hanging out with my tribe in an old field behind a grocery store where we were staying. Nothing special happened. They just wandered in and stayed with us a few days and then wandered off to Portland. But it was really nice of you girls to stop by.

I usually try to daydream at least a little each day about life after the crash. I envision my friends as members of our tribe and try to imagine how we’ll meet the tribe’s needs together. I don’t know if it serves any purpose for me other than escapism right now, but it definitely is a good way to decompress from a civilized day.

not only is it a good way to decompress, but you just might figure out something cool from it. While I was daydreaming i figured out how to make an organic gasmask. i don’t know if it will work but it will loo pretty damn cool too. My daydreams always give me great practical ideas too.

I forgot to say that your dream was kinda amusing b/c I am a high school dropout too.