Dreams -- what do you make of this?

I’m not a regular poster here, but you folks are the only ones I can think of who might understand this in a spiritual way that is not ridiculously stupid, so I thought I’d swing by and see what you all might think.

For the past several months I’ve had a repeating theme in my dreams which might be stated most simply as “a hole in the clouds.” Now, this is not every night or anything, it’s only been maybe a half-dozen times, but it’s starting to freak me out a little bit because it keeps coming back, and it’s so off the wall I don’t know what to think.

In my dreams, I’ll be viewing heavy cloud cover from inside some building, and the clouds will start moving in an unnatural way. They begin moving faster and then form themselves into a whirling circle, and inside the circle emerges a round disk of blackness… a hole. Given the distance of my dream vantage point from the hole, I would say it is about the size of 5-8 city blocks. In some cases, the black disk itself then goes through violent transformations into increasingly complicated, and beautiful, geometric shapes and color patterns that I dream-know are fatally dangerous, like radiation, but affect peoples’ minds instead of their bodies and makes them catatonically confused. I always wake up before anything really bad happens though… so far as I can remember, the cloud hole has never resulted in injury or damage.

If I’d ever seen anything like this imagery in a movie, on TV, read about it in a book or something, I would just chalk it up to that. But I can not tie this to anything I’ve come across in media, nor can I recall ever seeing hte particular geometric shapes & color patterns that emerge from the cloud hole.

Does this sound like anything anyone here has ever come across in a book, TV show, or whatever? Is there any folklore regarding similar imagery from anywhere? What do you make of this?

Any opinions or thoughts are definitely most welcome. Thanks all,


Hmmm… I guess my response is a question, Paula. Where do you live?

I’ll chime in here in a bit, but it probably won’t feel very substantive, as my dream work usually involves/requires a lot of personal conversation. But I’d like to add something to see if I can support you figuring this mystery out!

BlueHeron — I live in Central Pa, in the “ridge and valley” part of the Allegheny mountains.

Willem — Thanks man, I guess what I am trying to figure out is where the heck this imagery came from. At this point I am assuming I read something like it, or saw something like it, even in passing, like a commercial for Battlestar Galactica or something. Nevertheless I am definitely interested your perspective, looking forward to hearing your thoughts.

Well, not sure if it’ll help, but here’s an off the wall perspective…

It seems to me like you’re focusing on the visual image, but, what was the rest of your body feeling during this dream? Do you remember?

Your mind may have creatively interpreted what other senses were feeling as the vivid & unique imagery you describe.

Good question, jhereg. It got me thinking. I’d like to add, Paula, how does the image affect you emotionally (in addition to your senses)? And vice versa, how do your emotions affect the imagery? Do you feel any certain way in the dream prior to (and leading up to) the event?

Do other people in the dream notice the hole in the clouds? How do they respond?

You know, I’ve realized I can’t really help (in the way I do with dreams) over the intranet. I plan to make a podcast very soon on dream interviewing, but it looks like other folks have kindly jumped in to help in the meanwhile, so good luck Paula!

jhereg & BlueHeron — I read your posts here a couple days ago and have been living with your questions since then. and I’ve come to think that the “hole in the clouds” imagery is my brain’s spontaneous symbolism for collapse. In my dreams, everything that has to do with the hole in the clouds is exactly like everything in waking life as it relates to collapse:

[ul][li]its sheer size terrifying[/li]
[li]it is horrifying and outrageously amazing and unlike anything that has ever been before[/li]
[li]it is is this enormous thing whirling over everyone’s heads[/li]
[li]it is making everyone too confused to notice that it’s a problem[/li]
[li]it’s up to me to create some kind of safety for the people in my immediate vicinity but they won’t listen to me telling them to get down in the basement[/li]
[li]you can theoretically go through it and come out the other side, but god knows what would happen to you or what you would find[/li]
[li]I’m always in a building (i.e., civilization) watching it happen outside, but it’s really obvious the building offers no protection[/li]
[li]the anticipation of damage is never realized before I wake up[/li][/ul]

There are other parallels, but that’s the general idea.

Every once in a great while I am able to turn a dream into a lucid dream… next time I dream about the hole in the clouds I want to try to go into it and see what happens. Don’t know if I’ll actually be able to pull that off but how fascinating if I can!

Thanks you guys, you really helped me solve this mystery. I appreciate your engagement!

take care,

Hi Paula, sorry I’m late to respond. I enjoyed reading your analysis. It’s not my dream, so I can’t say you’re right or wrong, but it makes a lot of sense. Also, the hole in the clouds is atmospheric… so is collapse of civ, whether it’s social or environmental. It’s going on all around us, practically invisibly (unless you are aware enough to notice).

Have you had this dream again since you sussed it out? :slight_smile:

Hmmm. Paula, normally I would associate water (in the form of clouds) with an opening portal to the underworld and the heavy emotional undercurrent. But in your case, the clouds are in the sky and the portal opens to fantastic geometrical patterns. Perhaps it is a portal to the heavens? Waters can be associated with heavenly imagery too, and the geometrical patterns would certainly fit. So that would be my guess… your dream is depicting a relationship you have with the “heavenly realms,” e.g., all the stuff that is beyond the envelope of this world but looming and powerful, though not always seen or felt by everyone. I would associate your dream with thoughts about “the big questions” about our existence, and our role within the universe.