Does the About Me section on profiles work at all?

I just made an account earlier today, and promptly typed out the basic information that people should know about me before initiating communication. The About Me section saved just fine, even after leaving and returning to the Preferences page, and the preview implied that neither the coding was incorrect nor the character limit exceeded. But I can’t see an About Me section on any profile. What’s up?

Unfortunately, the software (discourse) we’re using doesn’t seem to have that a feature enabling a user to visit their “about me” page. I can confirm that yours looks complete though. Here’s a partial screenshot (some of it it not shown in the screenshot but is visible when scrolling).

Welcome! :slight_smile:

Well hell, I guess you folks just have to get to know me the hard way. :slight_smile:

Back when I first started lurking on this site, years ago when I was in high school, I remember the layout being different. More like a traditional internet forum. I kind of liked it better; the new design looks nice, but the javascript-heavy graphics won’t load on most of my electronic devices. That’s why I couldn’t really make an account until now.

Even so, I still won’t be online much. :confused: I rarely ever carry this laptop with me.