Connecting to community when transient

Hi Rewilders. I’d like to hear from people (especially if they have children) about how they have met their need to feel connected/present/involved with communities, interests, environmental concerns, etc when their life circumstances requires them to be transient (say, moving every year or so). It seems like having substantial impact/involvement/familiarity/connections would require a life situation that would be more sedentary. How can you fulfill the need to be a tree when your life makes you be a bird?

I’m not sure if it would work, but meeting people is particularly easy for tourists, as they tend to ask the locals questions. Not sure if it would lead you to your tribe of choice. Maybe though.

You can become a mangrove tree, growing roots in many different places…

^ migratory bird, I’ve been “transient” for a few years but the transient feeling of it kind of disappeared for me when I started cycling back to the same places year after year, you can build relationships, tend wild places, follow your favorite wild foods, find good seasonal work, seasonally be involved in local movements, and still move around, deepening your connection to many places without being too sedentary. But even then really I think the sedentary aspects of life in the USA and it’s many cultures go beyond moving where you live every few months, for me it’s more so what practices I’m developing and staying consistent with within those cycles.

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I kind of wonder about how being transient in urban places is working out with any concern for exposure to viruses that concerns many now.