Community on an Island in SE Asia

Hey all,
My name is James. I have been living in small tent camps in the Arctic and Northern Canadian mountains for the past 8 years discovering rewilding. I recently took a trip to SE Asia to try and apply my experience to a more tropical climate. While looking for volunteer opportunities I stumbled across a family ready to launch their social experiment/community. I am now living with them and decided to help find others interested in joining us. I can imagine most on here are eating a fair amount of raw food already any hopefully are open minded when it comes to relationships. This is not a reality tv show and would only be documented with everyones approval. It is rather a community where everyone is an equal. If you are interested, you can find more informarion here.


Thanks, James, for sharing this!

I just applied and it seems like it could potentially be a good fit because I’m going to Thailand in four weeks and looking for communities - so this seems like a great opportunity.

I have nothing really holding me back at this point in time. I do have some work commitments but otherwise I’m free to travel, adventure and experience life.

My guiding mission in life is to re-unite people with nature - and better health. So I think this as an opportunity that fits well with my mission and vision for life.

Furthermore, I deeply value learning and experiencing new things in my life. This opportunity would certainly fit in with that value of mine.

Anyone else applying?

Great to hear you are interested Jason! Let me know if they don’t get back to you as they are very busy right now. I can let them know you have applied. :smiley:

I just saw this, I will have a look at the site.