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I really hope this thread explodes with knowledge and wisdom. As I’ve been slowly drawn toward the revelations of rewilding, I’ve been introduced to people who are talking about the importance of regaining my rights that were taken away when I pledged citizenship to the United States of America. I’m sure some of you will know what I’m talking about. Apparently there is a site called which is built around the theory that Britain took ownership over the United States when the original forefathers were unable to reach an agreement about this or that (I don’t know all of the details). Long story short, the theory goes on to state that we are basically pawns with no freedom when we realize that “the United States of America” (notice the lower case t) is simply a corporation that has created its own set of laws which are not aligned with the original mandates of “The United States of America” from 1781.

Anyway, I’d love for as many people to weigh in on this as possible. Obviously, I’m far enough along to understand that I’ve given up an endless amount of rights being born as an American Citizen. However, the concept of denouncing my citizenship, claiming my ethnicity, and possibly being able to actually own things without paying taxes by using proper documentation etc etc is very foreign to me. (And that’s only a very small portion of the rights I’ve been told are possible to regain.)

Thanks everyone.

Amazingly, I actually have knowledge, both real-life and case related, to help you along in this journey.

The movement is called the “sovereign citizens” movement. Feel free to look up information online but take everything with a grain of salt; the original movement started from white supremacists, and making their claims will have you come off a bit like a backwoods redneck.

Some basic sovereign tenants are that the US never obtained proper ownership of the colonies and therefore they are not beholden to US laws, including taxes, property rights, or the ability of law enforcement to arrest or detain them. I have seen many, many, many poor people buy into self-help law-form schemes to get out of foreclosure, taxes, jail time, and many more. I have never, ever seen it work, and I’ve been working in law for nearly 15 years.

It all looks very good on paper, especially to lay people not familiar with so very many case laws and codified laws to the contrary. I assure you it doesn’t work. Our government may be a sham and a lie, but that lie has been perpetuated for over 200 years, your sudden documentation of your body as a country unto itself and beholden only to heaven will not get you anything but some heavy court fees for obstruction and late fees on your taxes.

Look instead into how to create “legal” tax havens like non-profits and education centers, how to co-op land and buildings, and how to skirt building codes that require certain building shapes and features. Knowing the law, and working within it’s short comings, will be the best way for you to live the free life you want.


My reply will be short and sweet. Thank you very much for your thoughts and wisdom. I understand the depth of corruption and lack of freedom that we have. Makes it very easy to cling to these types of concepts. Honestly, I believe a lot of what I read. However, you’ve confirmed the feeling in my gut. Which is to say, there really is no sense is attempting to kick against the goads with the depth of control that these organizations and systems possess. In my life, following the current will allow me to learn more and become more of the rewilded self that I aspire to be. Also, I’ve found that the system makes for a very predictable means of turning the dollar for good and bringing funds to the table of those who love our great mother. Thanks again. Your reply definitely resonates with my thoughts on this subject.

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I’m happy to hear I could impart some knowledge, Brother. Amazingly, after you posted your request, and I went back and looked at my case notes, I had several friends make similar comments to yours! It must have been the universal way of letting us know to be wary to these types of schemes. I guess it reinforces my mantra: if it doesn’t require hard work, it’s probably not worth doing.

The confusion you share is understandable. There is a growing disdain among sane people. The understanding that the future is bleak. Not only for ourselves but for our parents and children. Some are awakening. The awakening is toward a rewilding. For 200 years an industrial complex has grown to engulf every aspect of modern life. Military, banking, education, law, and all judicial branches have been industrialized. Look around. The global stock markets mock us all. The 1% have won. We didn’t even know there was a game.
You didn’t know there was a game afoot? Well, I can elaborate.
The issue is with the isms. An ism is a belief that man knows better than the creator how to manage this planet.
An ism raises itself above rhyme or reason and becomes a religion. Communism, Fascism, Individualism are a few examples of the way the 1% control the 99%. But that list is endless and intertwined.
The 99% man realizes they have stacked the deck against him. He has no benefits and all the liabilities. The bills never stop and there is no hope of relief. So those most in tuned, turn off.
But I plead with you now, this is no time for slumber.
Wake up!
You take the red pill: you stay in Wonderland and I show you how deep the rabbit hole goes

I realize this is an old-ish post, but can you recommend some good beginning resources for this information, or is it too place specific?