Civilization's few 'good ideas'

A lot of the crap we can get at wallmart is just that: crap.

However, once in awhile, civilization comes up with some really great stuff.
Here are a few of the things I think are great tools that will give re-wilding a MUCH more gentle learning curve

In no particular order:

Steel knives
Snorkels and water-masks
Fiberglass polespears
Fishing hooks
Rat traps
Synthetic clothing
Keen Newport H2 shoes
Synthetic rope ie, paracord
Glass lenses (fire starting)
Fishing line
Hennessy Hammocks

I know this is not exactly a comprehensive list; so if you have anything to add, please RE


AK-47. I wish we didn’t have a world where such killing machines were mass produced, but damned if I won’t use my Kalash to hunt and defend through the collapse. I guess this goes for firearms in general.

Machetes. I guess that sort of falls under steel knives.

Ceramic water filters. Many are portable and convenient, and some can be set up for large scale gravity powered filtering systems. I’m building a 5 gallon capacity one with buckets right now.

Do you have a post about your water filter? It sounds very ineresting

I bought a ceramic element from here:

I’m basically following their directions, which are basically to drill a few holes in the buckets, put one on top of the other with the filter in it, so that the water drains from the top one through the filter element, and down into the bottom bucket.

I should note, too, that ceramic filters can be made entirely using primitice technology. The main idea is to make a ceramic vessel that is porous with holes that are so tiny we can barely see them, if we can at all. To do so you just mix superfine organic material into the clay while you’re working it, like coffee grinds (an espresso grind would be best) or sawdust. As the piece is firing, the organic material burns off, leaving tiny pores through which water can flow, but not silt or microbes.

When I finish building the system, I’ll take some pictures or something.

Hey, that sounds pretty awesome! Let me know when you have some pics :smiley:


Just a couple off hand.

[quote=“vaguelyhumanoid, post:6, topic:1516”]Bicycles

Just a couple off hand.[/quote]
I second Bicycles! The most energy efficient means of transportation.

I love the list. I love bicycles too!

Would it be appropriate to add cast iron pots and skillets? Or is there something better for cooking over a fire?