Chopsticks, anyone...?

found this. not sure if it interests anyone here, but…

Yucca Chopsticks

Being that I always forget to bring eating utensiles, now I know what I can use when I go to the SW next time. Here in the NW cedar does the chopstick thing quite well too.

sweet! wikihow licenses under CC, so we can swipe it for our wiki. hee hee.

[runs off to copy and paste]

I made some awsome Sakura no Ki(Cherry wood) chopsticks when I stayed at an organic farm in Japan. Disposable chopsticks are a big problem there. They mostly come from tropical forests that are being cut down for cattle grazing.
Perhaps I should upload a picture…

I have never been able to use chopsticks. At best, I manage to clench a few noodles together (usually with both hands) and stuff them in my mouth milliseconds before they slip back onto the plate. And don’t even get me started on rice. I don’t know how the hell people have managed to eat rice with chopsticks. Sheer insanity, I tell you!

chopstick challenged, eh? :wink:

re: eating rice w/ chopsticks, all rice is not the same. generally you eat “sticky” rice w/ chopsticks, as they form clumps. also, generally, “sticky” rice isn’t served much in the states. also, not drowning your rice in liquid (or sauce/whatever) helps a lot too.

here’s a troubleshooting guide of sorts, for anyone interested…

i do okay with them, at least until i need to use them like a knife, then i start to flounder.

I wonder if you could make knitting kneedles out of them as well?


once i get a bit better at it, i’m going to try making some crochet hooks for my wife.