Howdy all,

I just harvested a bunch of Chickweed on a hike. It's quite tasty, sort of like miner's lettuce or the cultivated green mache. Does anyone know how it compares nutritionally to other greens?

Chickweed was one of the weeds we looked at on a edible weeds walk I went on recently, the guy sent us all e-mails with references to the stuff we learned. Ta da:

Chickweed (Stellaria media)
A delicate winter active green which grows in vegie garden beds and wherever there is rich organic soil. Tastes a bit grassy, but you do get a taste for it. I primarily use it as a salad green, and chopped finely (again because of the long fibres) it makes a decent spinach substitute. Very high in protein and vitamin C and many other good things. More than twice the iron levels of spinach by dry weight. Chickweed is loved by chickens, thus the name.

Thanks, Alondra. That’s perfect.