Candy Claws and Sound Of Ceres

I guess they’re considered dreampop or whatever, I don’t do the whole genre thing, but it seems to me like they have a bit of a WAY old-timey vibe. Subject matter includes animals, plants, the ocean, the woods, the Mesozoic, humanity’s place in spacetime, etc. I first heard Bryn Marina by Sound Of Ceres on Adult Swim’s Off The Air, looked them up, found Candy Claws in the process, and fell in love with both. It feels like I heard their music a long time ago, way before it ever came out. Especially White Seal (Shell And Spine) by Candy Claws. The line “Be brave, no need to hide, here in the deep time”, and just the words “deep time” in general, bring out in me a strange kinda nostalgia. Anyone else heard their music?