Can you live free in the eastern part of Washington? Somewhere in or near Stevens County?

I’m looking to rewild my life. I’m looking for forest type land in which to do so. Eastern Washington is where I’m interested. Can anyone tell me if I can legally move into the forest and rewild there without being thrown off the land?

I feel like the answer here is “No”. Short of living in community which has striven to purchase land, I don’t feel there is such a thing as “free living” in America. I do however know of several folks that live hidden in National or State forests in our area and pay a small fee to the forestry service to harvest down wood and hunt. Is that paying rent? I’m not sure. It is always subject to discovery and removal, which may be why several have chosen to move to a more permanent situation after they have children and mates. Maybe there are other options in Canada? I don’t have any information on their property rights. (Please note, my information is related to NC only, as property rights are the jurisdiction of the state. We have generally gotten rid of “squatters rights”. Things may be different in WA.)

Have you checked out any caretaking opportunities? While some people may need help with odd jobs, maintenance and such, some just need you to stay around. To me doing something in return for a place to stay/camp/forage/practice skills sounds fair enough. Every blackbird does the elderberries it feeds on a service, too… :slight_smile:
You might find a good starting point at I’ve always enjoyed going over the opportunities published by them…

Thank you, this is very helpful, useful, and appreciated.