Books about rewilding related subject for beginners

What are some books about subjects related to rewilding to get a good broad introduction?

Maybe give a small explanation what it’s about and why you like it.

I’m looking for books about anthropology and ecology that are not boring and provide somewhat of a basic understanding and also insight into amazing things about traditional cultures.

Thanks :upside_down:

In another topic I brought up Robin Wall Kimmerer’s “Braiding Sweetgrass”. This certainly covers the topics you mentioned, and braids these with many stories of personal experience.

If on the other hand you feel like seeking inspiration for hands on projects, perhaps leaf through “Robinson Crusoe: My Journals and Sketchbooks” by Politzer.
In a way this book perhaps has too much of a “civ” approach, but I remember that it gave me endless inspiration when my world reached not much further than my home village. So now I’d like to add: having found a project to your liking, also look up traditional ways these skills like fishing, hunting, storing food etc.were practiced around where you live.

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