Bone tool Recommendations

Any good books or websites for the novice bone maker? Something to get me started with.

Depends on what you want to make… but mostly it just takes a long time of sanding them into the shape you want. I don’t think there are any books specific to bones, but there is a great chapter in the Primitive Technology book.

cool, thanks Scout. I guess I’ll just do the old trial and error method. I am thinking of making a knife from an alligator hip.

the same book they sell on

I don’t know. won’t load.

It’s the book put out by the society of primitive technology. The first book.

lol, cause I mis-typed it. it’s .com, not .org. but you mean this one, right?

Yeah, I’m pretty sure its in that one. Might be steve watts book though. I’m not at willems (where my library is) right now, so I can’t check just now. I’ll check next time I’m there which should be later today.

“Novice bone maker” huh? Humans don’t make bones except human bones. Don’t you mean novice bone TOOL and ART maker? I think I know what you mean, but a real novice might not lol.

He who works bone.

Rory, I look in the Primitive Technology book, and it’s in there.