I’ve started a stash in the garage for winter projects. so far, i’ve got:
new zealand flax
long pine needles
maidenhair fern stems

and i found this awesome resource for all things basket, from how to start, finding and preparing various materials, looking at examples (check out the baleen baskets! rad!)

anybody out there working on baskets?


I have not worked on one recently, but am renewing my interest in the art. Thanks for providing some links, I will be checking them out :slight_smile:

I’m hoping to get one started, tonight. I’m going to experiment with using de-thorned multiflora rose (using the same weaving pattern as a willow basket). Don’t know how it will turn out- I’ve never made a basket before (but it looks easy enough).

working on baskets here, just got some willow from boise, hoping to make something with that, and maidenhair grows all around portland

I realize this thread is outdated, I’m a new member and wasn’t sure if it would be more appropriate to continue this thread (as it’s on topic) or to begin a new one. I would like to master the art of basket weaving, and was wondering if anybody has recommendations or suggestions as to what types of vines/saplings etc native to florida would be best for baskets. So far I’ve learned that grapevines work, but are a little difficult to work with. I plan to try palm fronds for larger baskets, and have read about blackberry vines potentially working well. Does anyone have personal experience? I’m also interested in making my own thin cordage for pine needle baskets, or another way to make these baskets without using twine. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated :slight_smile:


I suggest two books that will help you a lot:

Willow Basketry by Bernard and Regula Verdet-Fierz
Basket’s From Nature’s Bounty by Elizabeth J. Jensen

These two books won’t have materials for florida, per se. However they have all the techniques and ideas to get you experimenting. I would look up what Native Americans in the region use. They may even offer classes that you could take. There are also basketry guilds that are a wealth of knowledge and mentors. A quick google search got me this:

Looks promising! Hope those resources help! :smiley:

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