Basketry Technology

Just got this old book, new to me, called “Basketry Technology”. It’s mostly for archaeologists on how to identify certain traits of baskets in order to track which culture the basket came from. It’s pretty great in a lot of ways. Explains weaving really well and various techniques. My objective in reading it is to be able to understand how to look at a basket and be able to reproduce the weaving techniques that was used to make it. My ultimate goal is to replicate the oldest baskets found in Germany and France where a large portion of my heritage comes from.

Are there any other weavers out there who have used this book (or similar books) along the same lines?

I’ve been researching the basketry school and culture in Lichtenfels, Germany and sort of have a half-cocked plan to go to their three-year baksetry college. It will probably never happen, but one can dream. :slight_smile:

Ive recently gotten into basketry via a Cahuilla (coiled) basketry class. Then I thought- what about English baskets? Surely the term “wickerwork” didnt come from nowhere. But I cant find anything about it. Id settle for German basketry if I have to. Please keep me posted about your discoveries. Oh, and do you have any links to pictures of the old German and French baskets?

Two great book resources for you:

Baskets of Europe
International Basketry

Loads on information in those two. There is another one I don’t have yet called Irish Basket-making.

Those two books above have been really helpful and served as a jumping platform for me.