Atavist Cohort>>>

Hello Friends. We are reaching out to see if anyone in the Midwest is interested in forming a Rewilding homeschool group.

Focus areas (just to help get us started) include;

Camping- in our native temperate deciduous forests and trips to boreal, desert, coastal, and alpine ecosystems when possible. The intent is to give the children a sense of nomadism.

Homesteading- a network to assist with the subsistence use of domesticated flora, fauna, and technology. While those of us interested in rewilding have thought about the flaws of homesteading systems, such as the laws of inflation/entropy destroying the very infrastructure we become dependent on, it is still a good way to learn skills of self-reliance.

Wild Edibles- sustainably re-integrating into the natural food chain. A first principle of our uniquely human experience that is masked by a deluge of surrogate activities.

Last and also least, we are interested in pooling resources and exchanging knowledge that will equip our youth to be successful in civilization. The Trivium and Quadrivium seem like the best way to stay out of the weeds(getting lost in unnecessary abstraction) when it comes to education. Grammar, Logic, Rhetoric, Arithmetic, Geometry(number is space), Music(number in time), Astronomy(number in space and time).

We are grateful to Peter and the other leaders in these circles for all the hard work. It is paying off.

That sounds like a good direction. As schooling is used generally in civilization to make humans conform in life into fitting into civilization functionally to be of use in civilization, with grows and is disruptive to the natural world with all its systems, there is neglect of human education to fit in among the systems of the natural world to be adapted to it and live functionally in it. This is a step in the right direction, for children and grownups to learn of. May more be found with this for some to be living in functional groups of people living stably and sustainably without such dependence on civilization with remaining a dependent part of it.

I agree- we use a group/curriculum called Classical Conversations and the “history timeline” is incredibly skewed toward the Mediterranean and fertile crescent. trying to make sure the kids see most of the content for what it is- a celebration of domestication by the domesticated. Hope you are doing well and let us know if ever in Indiana.

Thanks for that welcome. In my way of living I live in simplicity, being mindful of the environment and how anything from me might impact it. I do desire a departure from civilization and would truly prefer being with others who are very much like-minded and compatible going as a community group for sustainable living with subsistence where we would go to for living independently from civilization. I am on the west coast of the country as it is. If I was ever going in that area, which would relate to such pursuits, I would really like to make contact with you too. I really wish you well with the educational direction you use with those who can learn what we should really know to be in this world.