ASL Tracking

A few weeks back I started experimenting on a friend of mine, Sarah (who may sign up here in a few days), with teaching her tracking from scratch using only American Sign Language. It was sort of an experiment using the Where Are Your Keys? game system, but more like feeling out how a Where Are Your Keys? Tracking class could go. It was awesome. No field guides, no journaling, no vocalizations. She knows a little ASL from playing WAYK so that helped. But I started brainstorming good “Techinque Craigslists” for the different words we would need for tracking and awareness. It was so much fun. I can’t wait to try it out again at Echoes in Time this year!

Sounds fucking awesome!!!


I’m developing more of the curriculum right now. Brainstorming what Techniques and Vocab I’ll need to prep people with before we go into the field.

I’ve continued working on this with the new “language hunting” approach, with ASL and everything, and even ran classes through RewildPortland and at Echoes In Time on it. It really rocks. ASL + Tracking is a match made in heaven.