As a millennial raised in urban environments with technology always close to me: how do I start the process of rewilding?

I sympathize heavily with deep ecology, post-civ anarchism and all the ideas surrounding that. This is something that has been growing inside of me for the last few years, and I want to start living the way I want the world to look like. But it’s hard for someone like me, or at least very uncomfortable and awkward, to just head out into the wild (I’d like to avoid becoming the next McCandless too)- or even to start doing mundane things like hiking. I’ve always been the most comfortable in my room or apartment. My parents never took me out in nature, and as a kid I’d rather spend time sitting by the computer than being outside. I don’t know much how to handle myself in the wild - even though I’ve pitched some tents and spent some nights in the woods many years ago. I have no friends that care about these kind of things either.

Any ideas how I can start pushing myself in the right direction?

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Hi and welcome to the forum! Please go to the “READ THIS FIRST” and make sure you introduce yourself in the introductions thread.

I would suggest that you get a friend to go hiking with, and purchase a book on wild foods in your area to take with you as you explore the woods where you are hiking. There is a lot of nuance to rewilding, and understanding the actual and factual ways in which hunter-gatherers engage with the landscapes they belong to. This requires a ton of re-framing and unlearning, which in a large part is done through reading. I would suggest starting a book club with friends as well.