Arrow making questions?

I started this discussion on the fauna food section but realized it should be here in wood working.I found some pampas grass reed a week ago now I have 3 dried shafts.I have never made reed arrows before so I wonder how strong they should feel when they are dry.Does anyone around Portland Oregon know of a type of reed that would make good arrow shafts? Anyone ever made a pampas grass arrow?

there’s gotta be some bamboo growing down there. I don’t know how ideal bamboo is for arrows, but it works. whatever the midget ornamental Yew tree is in these parts would work well as well. but are you looking for reeds specifically?

Either common reed (Phragmites communis) or giant reed (Arundo donax) have been used by many different tribes for arrows and atlatl darts. They dont differ that much in apearance or usage, so little in fact that most tribes didnt even bother to distinguish between the native common reed and the nonnative (and highly invasive) Arundo.

Do you know if these reeds grow around Portland Oregon?If so maybe you know where.

Im pretty sure both are widely distributed in North America. Look downstream. If you see something that looks like crabgrass stems that are 10-20 feet tall, tis one of these.