Are there any primitivist dating sites?

I’ve been looking for a while, but I can’t really find any. I’ve already decided that I’d rather be single than be with someone who doesn’t feel the way I do about primitivism, rewilding, and the problems inherent to civilization. I tried dating someone once who was not open to the idea, and it turned into a big source of conflict pretty quickly. That rules out more conventional methods of finding people.

The closest I’ve been able to find was a green dating site, but only a few women there had even considered rewilding themselves, and none of them were near my age range.

Google is proving to be very unhelpful, in this case.

There are not. Too small of a niche. You can usually search key words of dating sites like OkCupid. I have done that in the past. “Rewilding” “Primitive skills” “Wilderness Survival” etc.

Alright, I doubted it’d be a large enough group.
Then again, there is a dating site partially dedicated to cheese…
Thanks for the answer.


I suggest to try and go some primitive skills events like winter count AND RABBIT STICK … SOME OF THEM, the ladies, are more primitive than thou…

I have seen a lot of single ladies at these events… Winter count is coming up in Feb… a really great event…


Maybe try permaculture or survivalist sites? My mate and I are considering opening our relationship to another female, so we’re starting the search early because I imagine it’ll take awhile. xD

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I think OkCupid did away with that. Now there are just tags, and it didn’t seem to work very well. I found no-one within 1000 miles interested in “primitive skills” or “rewilding.”

Maybe this forum needs a hybrid category for intros and seeking??? just a thought.


Yep, that’s why I’ve never met a rewilder in person. But then again, I identify as asexual, and have never had an interest in dating. All I do know is–I never discuss this with virtually any of my in-person friends.

Well hey you’re doing better than me! :stuck_out_tongue: I ain’t got any “friends”, aside from my blood relatives and my unfortunate mate. We met back in high school weight-training long before we knew rewilding was even a thing. Chatted about survival skills, bushcraft, and ecology before we even knew each other’s names, but back then we were just each other’s “ticket out of being single”. Never expected we’d find such a worthy path to walk, or such worthy soulmates to walk with. We were just dumb kids with no future back then.

Funny how the universe works.