Anybody there?

I started posting not even one month ago, but it seems like there are many “views” but not many “replies”. I just would like to know if it uses to be like this all the year round. Maybe just everybody is having a funnier summer than me :-\

It seems this forum is going through its “winter season”. Perhaps there will be a new “Spring season” for this forum some time in the future. That would probably need new folks like you to come round and stir up conversation.

i hope it starts to be more movement in winter.
Every day i come up with some new ideas i could never speak about in the common survival/bushcraft/primitive skills forums. but after not getting responses it feels quite sad.
seems you are also having a not so funny summer :wink:

My thinking this typical of many forums… more views than comments… Some folks just seem shy to post … even if you say , hey good idea. That promotes the thread to keep going… more action leads to more action… and or reaction…