Any not competitive games?

Im planning to go to Urvision this summer, and i was thinking if maybe somebody in the forum knows any kind of not competitive game that could be played on this kind of gathering.
It should be a simple game, with not many rules, quick to understand, in which language is not important (as people from all over the world go to this gathering). And would be nice if the game could be played by kids as well as adults.


There are story-telling games, co-operative games that lets you create stories together. This would fit well around a campfire. Many of these need dice or cards or paper or something so might not be a fit for what you are looking for. But would allow people of all sorts to work and play together on creating something. I think that’s kinda cool.

It might also be cool to organize something for the kids that are going to attend. Like make up a story about someone that is sick, and they need to find the right plants in the forest to make a cure. A treasure hunt of sorts.

id love to hear any ideas myself really …

thanks for the input
i was thinking about more physical games, but the plants game for the kids would be nice. May be the language could be a bit of a problem…

Willem is working with a language fuency game called “Where are Your Keys” (See

I’ve tried it a bit here where I live with some Korean foreign exchange students and it is really interesting. It’s a game used to learn new languages so it works great with people who don’t speak the same language. Even more cool is that the theory behind the game can be moved into learning more than just languages. I’m using it to learn some of the local edible plants, and I’m also trying to use its principles to teach some boy scouts here outdoor skills. (Albeit extremely clumsily. I need to gather some time and resources to get into it more.)

It’s actually quite a bit of fun.

I was having a look at the webpage the other day, just a bit. Do they explain the basics on it? could you give any example on the application for learning plants?