Any fellow rewilders in the Chicago area of Illinois, or SE Wisconsin?

Hi everyone. For years I have followed Rewilding yet have never found any other person to talk about this subject. I have felt alone and without any others to do so. The only closest group I have found is a group of Native Americans in Wisconsin who have given me great insight into their culture in the Midwest. The Native cultures I see twice a year at their pow-wows still amaze me and I love their insight. I am stuck in the heart of civilization in the Chicago metropolitan area, and have no means of escape. Is there anyone else who feels this way? Anyone in this metro area who is also a part of the Rewilding community?

Hey there also with the same issue I’m in the green bay area maybe we could meet in the middle?

Hi alexander!

I come to the green bay metro area all the time, and I have many friends there. Sure, private message me some information and we can find a time to meet. Thanks for responding. Sorry for not replying, I’ve been taking care of a lot of issues in my life.