Anti civ permaculture design course (west coast usa)

Do these exist? Most courses I’ve encountered emphasize homestead/urban/suburban farming.

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Perhaps this is what you are getting at? We built a super-adobe dome in our backyard. They also do permaculture courses there which seem like a bit more towards what you are asking.


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Permaculture is more often billed as “saving” cities. Toby Hemmenway was one of the only leading permaculture teachers that had some critique of civilization. Hazel (aka Tom Ward) at Siskiyou Permaculture is probably the closest one to understanding the problems of civilization.

Ahh natural building is so cool. I’m actually looking for a permaculture design certificate courses but I appreciate the link!

Mm thanks! Good to know there are a few people out there. I’m looking at certificate programs because I want to get down with plants and learn more about natural systems. I’ll check out Siskiyou permaculture.