Annual North American Rewilding Conference

Been planning on doing this for a while. Now is the time!


You should call this the 10th Annual North American Rewilding conference.

Just for funsies


Just want to let everyone know that registration is now available. Please go to:


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I’d love to hear some stories about this year’s conference… like things that inspired you, or that came from getting inspiration. :slight_smile:


@Anneke, I was really excited to meet several people in person whom I had only interacted with online up to that point. Just seeing people in real life moving around, having voices and handwriting and facial expressions, instead of text on a screen—made my heart swell. That was my favorite part.

It was also a lot of fun seeing how an Open Space conference works. I thought I’d be too shy to instigate a conversation, but I did so on the last day of the conference and it was really fun. We talked about the role story plays in all our rewilding efforts. About 15 or 20 people participated in that particular conversation, with about 10 people doing most of the talking, and everyone seemed really engaged. I’m hoping to pick up that thread again at next year’s conference.

Any chance you’ll make it to next year’s conference?

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Well, I’d love to… but my desire to stay home and enjoy tending our land and animals will most likely exceed any such desires. :slight_smile:

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Everyone I have spoken to was blown away by the Rewilding Conference. People loved the Open Space, and it is totally something you have to experience yourself to understand. We are assaulted with the idea that people are stupid and can’t self organize, that all anarchy is chaos and not “productive.” This is so far from reality, but the majority of the ways we manage people are hierarchical, and we assume that is the best or only way. I think the Open Space format really shows people that another way is possible.

For myself, as the organizer, the conference didn’t have as profound an effect on me. I was busy running around and just holding space, so I didn’t have many opportunities to engage. I led two sessions. I think it’s one of those kinds of situations where people will go there and then things will fruit from the gathering but in many unseen ways. I’m really looking forward to next year though for sure. It’ll just get better and better. :smiley: