Animist Science

I have a digital notepad at that contains a lot of my pre-blogging thoughts, and right now I’ve been going bananas digesting the tension between animism and modern science (and modern educated folk belief, which is usually very similar to science, but not always).

If anything catches your eye over there feel free to link to it here and I’d be happy to converse about it.

Hi Willem,

I enjoy reading your posts and look forward to exchanging more thoughts on these subjects.
Many people seem to struggle with the question how to do academic/scientific research while honoring an indigenous way of doing research. Here are two interesting writings on the subject. Are you familiar with either of these?

“Indigenous Voice Matters” by Lisa Sunseri, see
“Research Is Ceremony: Indigenous Research Methods” by Shawn Wilson, see

Live and Love,

Haven’t seen those - thanks Anneke!

Anneke, here is another one for your list: “Lighting the Seventh Fire: The Spiritual Ways, Healing, and Science of the Native American”, 1994, by F. David Peat. Amazing look at the differences and similarity between modern/Western physics and Native American science/worldview. Highly recommended. (And Willem, they have it at our local library).

Thanks, that sounds like good reading material!

Anyone have any thoughts on the book “Native Science?” Does that relate? It’s on my list to read next.

The development of Quantum computing: the way Science learns to count on the Universe.