An Online Rewilding Video Course

Hello, my name is Calvin Keyes and I’m new to this community. My friend Kenton from recently wrapped up an online video course called ‘ReWilding Your Mind’ that inspires students to re-discover their inner nature. It helps people to awaken their senses, clear their minds, and access their inner wisdom. This is a shameless plug - but it’s right up our alleys!

The course and introduction video can be found here:

Kenton developed nine inspirational videos, including videos that explain how to . . .

  • Free yourself of physical and emotional debt (which leads to financial debt)
  • Expand your awareness
  • Replace a judging mind with a curious mind
  • Take control of your mind’s “RPM”
  • Harness the incredible power of one of our culture’s biggest fears — boredom
  • Open our senses
  • Find the world’s best medicine, called “Shinrin Yoku”.

You’ll also get an additional six “practice” videos that will help you apply rewilding skills on a daily basis, along with twelve text-based practices that will suggest even more ways to integrate rewilding into your life. He has focused on rewilding the mind as the first course, since laying that foundation allows easier change in other areas of our lives. The course is very reasonably priced and has gotten very positive feedback from students!

Thank you for this platform and I look forward to sharing and learning from this community!

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