Am I?

I have thought myself a Christian Anarchist but for one aspect, I am not a pacifist. I do go out of my way to avoid a fight, but I will not be harmed or allow someone in my care to be harmed.

SO WHAT THE HELL AM I!!! Weird I guess.


A logical human being?

Seems to me avoiding fights is just smart self-preservation. So is hitting back when someone else starts it.

Where did you get the idea that Christians are pacifists?

Modified to specify:

The philosophy speaks of love™, peace®, understanding©, etc. But the group of people, the culture engendered, is hardly pacifistic.

There are many types of christians, the truly pacifist ones being an endangered species.

Here’s a fun article for you to read. A primer on how to mock your enemy to death. :slight_smile:

Welcome to the world of militant non-violence.

Militant Non-violence Jesus Style

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Bill, WOW, that was a good read, thank you. I plan to spend more time with it soon. Do you think the term “sue” might be used a bit too literally as in modern use (sue in court) vs.more antiquated use more like “official / important request”? just curious. Thx :wink:

As I understand it – and I might be wrong (I would suggest asking a Jewish scholar or historian)–they did have law courts and ‘sue’ is used similarly to modern court, recognizing that there are disparities akin to what we have against corporations today (limited liability for Romans, etc)

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