“alcoholism” is such a crock of bullshit, an excuse, own up to your shit, an don’t get shity too often. swearing off the drink an the smoke is the worst thing you can do, best medicine on the planet circa 2008. just keep yourself under control. “alcoholism” doesn’t exist. lack of self control does. drink it’ll your full, then stop, easy as that.

perhaps i’m being insensitive, but alcohol has absolutely nothing to do with a loss of self control, it’s just an easy excuse.



I’ve noticed in your post you attempt to tell other folks their story, and you offer up unsolicited advice (“own up to your shit and don’t get shity”). At, we have a basic etiquette. Whenever you post, it must fall under one of these things: telling your own Story, or Asking a question of someone else’s Story, and interpret other posts generously. You haven’t done that here, so I’ve diverted this post to the Humanure bucket.