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Newly Arrived. Not logged in. Scrolled to first page bottom. Clicked on Discussions. Saw “Dogs” category. Signed up. Went back to this area and that category was gone. What gives?

Hello, my name is Heather. I am a scout, of sorts. I like to explore ideas and I like to write. I am into Donald Trump and Milo Yiannopoulos. What, predominantly, is this group? I’ve heard Facebook has a large liberal populace. grin I am new to politics too. I’ve spent most of my life in the real world, dealing with real issues. Not trumped up ones. grin

I am roo3story–also on twitter, are you there? And have you heard of a new website called minds.com? You might try it there; it might suit your purposes. Free speech is a focus. Facebook like, yet, not…

Newbie issue: I hate trying to backtrack to posts that, somehow, upon logging in, seem to disappear. My antennae are wide open, just now, trying to see what this website is about; I am in ‘graze mode’ you might say.

So to head back to the first post I was looking at and being unable to find it (in fact, REGISTERING AND SIGNING IN was the reason I did so, to reply to that post) is rather frustrating.

I am into Dog entities. I had a dog for ten years. He died, oddly, this past December. We lived in the wilds near a city for much of that time. I have some interesting perspectives on how the dominant culture views dogs. Are you in Canada, anywhere?

Thank you.

Heather, roo3story on twitter also. Are you there? I’ll go look.

Hello roo3story (Heather),
Please share your personal introductions over in the “Introductions” category. I will flag your technical / site related comments for the appropriate people to review.
Thank you.