A sad sorry seeking of a friend

Okay, maybe it isn’t sad or sorry. To begin with: I have joined a penpal service and I think once I have some more money to send out stamps and envelopes so I will start writing prisoners. I enjoy a good correspondence.

Just so you know… I have ancient and hulking social issues. I am getting better. I have high hopes for my future social abilities.

I want to start learning things that have to do with rewilding. I have been observing the community for… 10 years? I do not know. A long time. I cannot do a damn thing that has to do with survival skills. I went through a lot. A whole lot. I was in no position to do the things I dreamed of doing. Now I am.

Now I want rewilding penpals. I want a few people to discuss whatever with and forge a bond with if the magic is there. I have a strange story to tell. I want to share that strange story.

I suppose you can private message me if such a potentiality tickles your fancy. Someday I want to do a good deal of rewilding type things. I saw nearly 3000 people on the rewild.com facebook, so I know someone ought to be out there. I do not know how magnetic this post will be. Eh. I just want to talk. And rewild. I’ll put it that way. From my perspective I’m not creepy at all. I’m not exactly a paragon of virtue and nobility… but I am working on it. :slight_smile:

I know someone in prison who is interested in rewilding, but struggles within his situation. He’d love to hear from anyone interested in considering exchanging letters. Jason Gonzalez M54232, PO Box 1000, Menard, IL 62259. He’s well-read. A jailhouse lawyer. Earth-centric. He’s 8 years in on a 45 year sentence, and that’s a ‘truth in sentencing’ sentence (no early release whatsoever). Much rewilding bliss!

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I think personal contacts is important, as rewilding individuals there should be others who are such to connect with. Those among humanity originally without civilization did not have individuals surviving apart from others, they were in groups, functioning as small communities, working together on what they all needed as a community group. If we ever are really separate from civilization, we really do need to be in groups like that with others who are compatible individuals. How would we find such? We should start finding them now to start with, ahead of breaking from civilization, which should be done, rather than waiting with preppers for collapse that makes requirement to be separate from the civilization, which then is collapsing anyway. It won’t be a simple benign collapse either. Seriously we would want to be somewhere else already. But what is needed for that is what is needed for many to do now instead of being with civilization with what comes with that, the most sustainable living is needed, and this would have to be away from civilization. I would be in communication if it is desired. And VeganPrimitivist, I see that growing all the vegetation that there can be for what is needed is in fact the most sustainable and the most needed for many to do, and this away from civilization done independently is the most sustainable that there can be, and it is most needed from many. I too am vegan, and would have this for the most sustainability.