A Proposal For Primitivism

Hi everyone. I just wanted to share with you a book that I put together pretty recently. It’s available to read for free so I’m not trying to sell you anything. Just thought you guys might find it interesting. Any thoughts or criticisms are welcome. Let me know what you think of it. Thanks.


It’s also listed on goodreads.com so if anyone wanted to rate it or write a review you can do that there.

If seven billion people can live off of the Earth’s land now–with most of them living as they’ve had to live throughout history (it’s only the mere 300 million U.S. Americans that live so “deliciously” off of petrofertilized corporate monoculture–and waste most of that surplus their ecocidal system creates)–that same seven billion (but, agreed, not any more that seven billion) must be able to live off the same Earth, albeit only if the corporations don’t torch or otherwise render barren their (necessarily un-hybridized, i.e., re-seeding) current crops (until Natural polyculture re-takes its place) just to sadistically starve out the masses who will have become unable to pay the prices for what’s grown there that have made the major corporate shareholders the economic-political puppeteers of those masses. No, it won’t be like it has been. No more seemingly convenient grocery stores but, no more being herded like cattle by those corporate puppeteers either–at least, not for those who will have forsworn being herded by anyone ever again. Hence, the perhaps Titanic battle between the free and the herded. The herded have far more vulnerabilities than the free. The herded are dependent. The free are independent. Will that battle between them be the thing that thins out the excessive numbers that make foraging so much more difficult in such a corporate-engendered overpopulated world?