A great experience with a member

So I was bumming around this weekend in a hole in the wall place in what is now called Colorado. Well, I will come clean. I was at the Ouray Ice Fest with some friends of mine. So anyway, this guy comes up to me in the store Saturday night, and asks me if I want to come to a party. I say sure, why not, I’ll get to meet new people, and have a couple of beers. I walk in a bit later, and this condo has maybe 8 people in it. Everyone is talking about climbing, and I realize that the lone woman is talking about animals in her dreams. So we continue talking and getting to know one another. We had some very intellegent conversation, which was very much welcome during a night that had mostly been filled with drunk people being ignorant and trying to hook up with whatever they could. So, my fine young friend, you know who you are, and hope to see you again!