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Don’t have much time here, but I posted a blog entry at Ishthink about my recent going ons:


TonyZ-I checked out the entry. Very interested in knowing more about your the moon calender and how cycles effect foraging and feeding.

I am very interested in know more about it too! I’m still doing some preliminary observations, but a few key items clued me into their importence…

First of all, I learned that the moon is furthest away from the earth during the full moon and the4 new moon, making the tides the weakest. Tides are strongest on the quarters. Since everything is made of water, it makes sense that fishing calendars, those that fairly accurately predict frenzies in fish feeding times for the year, relate directly back to the rising quarters, day or night, visible or not.

I ask myself what makes hunters active, and seems like high-strung, well fed prey. These prey are in turn eating better because of increased activity lower down the vertebrate order. Quarters are plenty bright, and sometimes the moon full moon is a little too revealing…

Realizing why civilization has put a hex on the number thirteen cannot be anymore clearer when discovering the occurence of 13 lunar months, rather than 12 julian solar ones.

The Mayan astrology is a pretty good model, not filled with denial and jammed up with culture-crushing and robbing the people of land connectivity.

Many cultures count the seasons by the moon, and currently we in the tunder moon, or planetary moon.

I suggest getting into Mayan cosmology, theres a lot understanding in there as to how the gravity of the universe can have an effect on our magnetic, resonant bodies.

Native American spirituality int eh Great Lakes region seemed to have learned something from their mayan cousins, and there’s still a lot to investigate.

I want to come up with themes for the lunar calandar to better understand what crafts are good to do, what’s good to plant and harvest, and when a whole host of activity is best done. When I start getting a clearer picture, I’ll be sharing more of my personal interpretation of the multitudes of human systems.