28 Words

On another site, someone just put forward the idea of creating twenty eight word visions for what ever one is trying to do in order to make it really easy and quick to get a cross. I really liked the idea because it forces you to really consider what is central to your vision and what you can exclude. It also makes it easy to tell someone about what ever it is you’re talking about. My initial one (thirty words, it doesn’t have to be perfect) is:
We are just another wondrous animal that can create true community, get what we need from directly around us, share for what we can’t get ourselves, and give ourselves freedom

What is your 28 word vision of the human potential, rewiliding, the future, or the way things should be, could be or are?

The biggest family reunion of all–family and land, together again, and all the wildness that made you human. The world lives and breathes and speaks and gifts.

That’s awesome, more mythological, less detail oriented, I feel it. I really like the phrase “the wildness that made you human”. For other crowds, the phrase the world might need an “including us”, though I could see how that might break up the flow, and I know everyone here gets it’s there.

I really love it, can I borrow it to help me explain re-wilding?

Absolutely. For just 28 words, “including us” doesn’t just mean jettisoning something else, it also draws a little too much attention, I think. You can have a better chance of breaking down Descartes by driving over him than acknowledging the damage he did, eh?

That makes sense, I definitely agree with the motives and the idea of it. We are of the world. I just worry that others outside the rewilding circle won’t get the same connotations. That notion, we are of the world, is very much part of the story we (as rewilders) tell ourselves, but we are in the minority. So it is all awesome to run descartes over, I do it myself whenever I can, but it doesn’t work if no-one notices or everyone thinks that you swerved around him.