2017-2018 hide tanning season - in which i receive 19 deer hides from local hunters

this is the first ‘tanning season’ in which i’ve actually gotten unwanted hides from local hunters to work on. i’m pretty stoked about it, & will update here as things progress. i’ve been traveling, & am just now getting to my photos from the end of october (when i got started). since i broke my collarbone a few weeks ago i’m out of commission for a bit (in terms of the heavier work of tanning), but will keep sharing as i’m able to work on things.

blog post: Impromptu Hide Scraping Beam

(p.s. how do you get those super nice link/post previews to show up???)

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from end of october: fleshing yet another hide. they look so much nicer when they’re all clean. also, note to future self: fleshing during storm season in ketchikan is ridiculous.

from early november: this photo is from some 5 or 6 days into my hide processing marathon.

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