2012: The Year The Internet Ends !?

I stumbled upon this video last night on another forum:

It’s probably no news to most if not all of you that internet as we know it will disappear and become another controled “toy” in the hands of the master puppeteers. Well it seems we even have a time frame (or dead line, not sure of the exact english term) now.

There is a good side to this, I think. It’s that if we needed extra motivation in our fight/struggle/war,
well… ! Kinda like “Life” is showing the way…

We’ll probably have to have established other ways of communicating…By then we’d better have formed some kinds of real person to person communities (meaning “in person”, physically). Communities where ALL needs will be taken care of, whether food, clothes, shelter, learning, protection, healing, etc. , thru, for example, a network of interacting communities. Perhaps a sort of organic alliance of many communities made of likeminded individuals, families etc. Viable examples of this existed all over this land not tool long ago…

Another good thing about this news is that for people who tend to get bored easily like I am,
well, I think there is more than enough that needs to be done and QUICK as in, it all needs to be done by, yesterday ! Soooh…WARRIORS !!!..

Learn how to design and maintain BBS systems, and ye won’t have a need for an "internet " for communication.

What’s a BBS system?

It’s probably all for the best, in my thinking, as the internet is something that relies on electricity and industrial technology and it wasn’t around when my grandparents were born so it appears like it’s not long for this world.

We'll probably have to have established other ways of communicating...By then we'd better have formed some kinds of real person to person communities (meaning "in person", physically).

It’s crazy how we can adopt this mindset. Techniques have a way of convincing people that: “Because these technologies are here now (tv, internet, vehicles, etc), they are the only option” but it’s a lie. The heritage ways of communication (i.e. person-to-person) have been established since the Stone Age.

Thanks 23,

I just Googled BBS to learn a little about it. I’ll have to studty it alot more.

Sandwalker, I too think it’s all for the best. And you mentioned: “The heritage ways of communication (i.e. person-to-person) have been established since the Stone Age.” If by that, you mean it’s possible to do it again, I agree. And/or if you mean that you are already practicing this type of communication in your own community, well I wish it would be the same for me, I mean being part of a community. My community is very limited in number. It is comprised of my wife and son on a daily basis, so this small group of three people is the only one with whom I communicate and interact in a natural way. The rest of the ones I still consider family are scattered across Turtle Island (America), so with them it’s a little harder.

That’s why I’d like to see my community grow in number and in power. It’s also why I’d like to see a network of interacting free/sovereign communities so our chances at not only surviving will increase, but we may live a real life.

Ouch. That hurt… it’s only been since 1995 or 1996 that they suddenly fell out of favor with the advent of Netscape…

Sorry Mojo :slight_smile: I didn’t have electricity in the 80’s or the 90’s.

I looked it up so now I know that a BBS system is a bulletin board.

with http://news.cnet.com/8301-10784_3-9750692-7.html and a sat phone, which one could make, the internet could survive for a long time without a grid.

How does one make a sat phone

the short version is you configure a current cellphone’s input from the current antenna to a sat dish, align your dish with the proper sat(s), and connect. It would be smarter and cheaper to get a good second hand sat phone and do it that way. Charge it (&laptop&cellphones& various batteries with this kick ass bike charger http://dailydiy.com/2008/03/20/diy-mobile-multi-charger/

I’ts alot longer than that, but I think this conversation is moving away from rewilding very quickly;)

Aw, not necessarily. As long as technology does not become your master, it can be useful in rewilding for as long as it’s still around. That’s why we’re all on this forum, right?

Maybe a longer version can go in Transition Tech.

That is a really fantastic idea.

What would the heading for a topic like that look like?

How to Hack a cell phone into a SAT phone

But more generally speaking?

“Transitioning Communication Techniques” or something like that?

The year the internet ends id throw a party in honour of yourselves!

While the countdown to 2012 is underway it should be noted that serious scientists are begining to state that the odd weather of the past few years is the begining and that as the day approaches things will get a whole lot worse. This secenario is the one that scares me the most because of its gradual nature…people will not realize the dangers until Mother Earth really starts to get nasty and mean. By then it will be too late and far too many people will die.
The old Boy Scout motto of Be Prepared is my mantra of choice so while we rewilders have a better chance of surviving in a new tech-less world, the aftermath or 3 to 4 billion people suddenly dying is not going to be pretty, healthy, or easy to handle. The survivors are going to be mad with fear and will attempt to take anything and everything that will appear to help keep them alive.
Myself I have set up caches of goods that are non-perishable in various points around my current residence and out to a distance of 50 miles. Survival not comfort is the key to these caches and when Mother starts to settle down they will contain enough to truely help live as one with the earth.

This was a rumor on the technology that will never end and will keep on growing and I would like to share my project https://uaetechnician.ae/samsung-service-centre with you all.